Management Philosophy

Building the future of entertainment with creators.

The UGC community has been very active amongst fans of hololive production, and numerous games have been produced among these works.
The games involve an abundance of different creative works, such as game character creation, programming, and sound production, which require a huge amount of time and investment. Fan-made works also require substantial knowledge of IP, a passion for creation, and a love for the content.
Since there are so many talented fan creators surrounding hololive production, we wondered what we could do to help these game creators who needed the time and investment.

Following that, in October 2023, we created CCMC (Creator Community Company) to provide the freedom of an ecosystem where fan-made game creators can continuously work with the IP held by COVER Corporation and, in return, receive the benefits. This company will give fans worldwide a myriad of fan-made games to enjoy.

In November of the same year, we opened the creator support program to create the "holo indie" game brand, which officially marked the start of our creators' support.

In addition to "holo Indie," we aim to progress into different spectrums, such as game production and publishing support between the two companies through a licensing scheme with COVER Corporation, helping to grow and spread "hololive" and the VTuber culture around the world.

Company Profile

Company Name
CCMC Corporation
〒108-0073 Tokyo, Minato-ku 3-5-19 Sumitomo Realty Tokyo Mita Garden Tower
3 million yen
10th October, 2023
Taro Kamochi


If you have any fan-made games of "hololive production" that you would like to publish under the
"holo indie" Steam page, please apply through the form below.