Game Streaming Guidelines


CCMC Corporation (“Company”) hereby has established these holo Indie Game Streaming Guidelines (hereinafter to be referred to as “Guidelines”) to clarify certain matters that the Company requires users to comply with when streaming games that are published under the Company’s brand for derivative work games called “holo Indie” by either livestreaming or posting videos (collectively, “Game Stream” or “Game Streaming”) with the hope that the brand, “holo Indie”, will reach more people around the world.

Requests regarding Game Streaming

Please comply with the following requests when Game Streaming “holo Indie” games.

So long as a Game Stream complies with these Guidelines as well as the Derivative Works Guidelines of COVER Corporation, the Company shall not exercise its rights over any Game Streaming by an individual. “Individual” in the foregoing sentence includes individuals who are affiliated with a production, talent agency or another entity. However, if an entity desires to engage in any Game Streaming, the entity needs to contact the Company before doing so.

  • Please include the following information in the summary of the Game Stream
    • Name of developer
    • URL of the Company’s website

Example: When engaging in a Game Stream of “holo parade”

Developer: Roboqlo

CCMC: []

  • Using any “holo Indie” games for commercial use or any other business purpose is strictly prohibited.

However, it is acceptable for Game Streams to use so-called monetization features, including advertisements and online tipping on partner programs and creator programs that are provided by video streaming websites such as YouTube, Nico Nico and the like, so long as the use of such features will not violate the terms and conditions of the video streaming websites or of any rightsholders of third-party content included in any Game Streams (“Third Party Terms and Conditions”). Also, premium Game Streams that require some form of consideration (ie: Game Streams that are restricted to be only viewable by members) are also allowed, so long as this type of Game Stream does not violate any Third Party Terms and Conditions.

  • Please do not use any “holo Indie” games to advertise any of your own products, any third-party products and/or any other services that are not the main purpose of the gameplay of the game.
  • Please do not restream or repost any teaser videos that are publicized by the Company, use any loop videos that are extracted from any in-game music or materials (such as voices) or include any videos that are streamed for a purpose other than having viewers watch and listen to the gameplay of a “holo Indie” game. Also, please do not stream any videos that use any “holo Indie” games that the Company has determined to lack creativity.

Use of Images such as Screenshots

It is acceptable to publicize and share any screenshots and the like of “holo Indie” games on the internet, including on social media.

However, please do not use any such images to advertise your products, any third-party products and/or any other services for commercial use or any other business purpose.

Additional Requests

In addition to the “Requests Regarding Game Streaming”, we ask that you please comply with the following items when Game Streaming “holo Indie” games.

  • Please be mindful of how the talents that are affiliated with COVER Corporation (“Affiliated Talents”) would feel. Please refrain from any creative activities that an Affiliated Talents may find unpleasant.
  • Please limit your Game Streams to a fan or hobby level. Game Streams for any business purposes are prohibited. Entities are also prohibited from engaging in any Game Streams.
  • Please comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including the terms and conditions or any other guidelines of any relevant platforms.
  • Please refrain from any creative activities that use any of the following:
    • Content that misrepresents something as being official, or can be misinterpreted or mistaken as something that is official
    • Content that is contradictory to public order and morality, or exceeds what is socially acceptable
    • Content that includes matters pertaining to a particular ideology, belief, religion, or politics
    • Content that damages the image of any Affiliated Talents, the Company or any “holo Indie” games
    • Content that damages a third party’s image, reputation or the like or infringes upon a third party’s rights
    • Other content that the Company deems unsuitable

Other Matters

  • In addition to these Guidelines, please comply with the “Derivative Works Guidelines” (“Derivative Works Guidelines”) that are set forth by COVER Corporation. If these Guidelines conflict with the Derivative Works Guidelines, these Guidelines shall prevail.
  • The Company reserves any and all rights to any copyrights and neighboring rights in connection with the content produced by the Company. These Guidelines shall not be interpreted to mean that the Company has waived any such rights.
  • The Company does not warrant in any way that the games provided by the Company and their use will not infringe on the rights of a third party.
  • The Company shall not be responsible in any way for any disputes that arise between the streamer of the Game Stream and a third party for the use of a game provided by the Company, the creation of a derivative work or any streams, posts or the like. These Guidelines and the Derivative Works Guidelines may be updated without any warning or notice. Please make sure to confirm the most recent version.
  • Please understand that the Company will not respond to any individual inquiries regarding these Guidelines other than inquiries to obtain a license to engage in a Game Stream for a business purpose.


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