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CCMC Corporation launches “MikoSniper,” under ”holo Indie.”

CCMC Corporation announced the release of “MikoSniper” on June 7 Friday, 5PM(JST).  The game developed by SameGames has launched under hololive production’s Derivative Work Gaming Brand “holo Indie.”

■MikoSniper launches on June 7, 5PM(JST)!

Sakura Miko and 35P are ready for battle! Miko Sniper is a chaotic shooting game where you get to shoot, burn and explode your enemies!

In this strategic tower defense game, players take on the role of “Sakura Miko” to guide 35P to complete various stages.  Fend off oncoming enemies by upgrading Sakura Miko’s costumes and 35P’s weapons.  The game provides players with a strategic shooting experience which requires strategy such as formation of 35P units.


[Comments from the developer]
This game was created to capture the nature of Mikochi excitingly firing guns, as well as the bond between Mikochi and 35P.
With the different difficulty settings and library of costumes, the game can be enjoyed easily by gaming beginners, while providing challenges for experts.    

Genre:Strategic Tower Defense
Release date:June 7, 2024 (5:00 PM(JST))
Price:490 JPY (ex. tax)
SteamStore Page:https://store.steampowered.com/app/2971440/_/
Platform:PC (Windows)
Supported Languages:Japanese, English, Indonesian, Thai, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), Korean
Developer:Same Games
Developer X Account:https://twitter.com/shark_35P

About holo Indies

“holo Indie” is a Derivative Work Games brand to assist hololive production fans and creators to co-develop titles under a Game Creator Support Program.  The program provides Derivative Work Game Creators a return ecosystem to support game development, while providing fans opportunity for new Derivative Work Games.

For details on the Gaming brand, please check COVER Corp’s Derivative Works Guidelines

Derivative Works Guidelines: https://hololivepro.com/terms/



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