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“holo Indie” sets up booth at the indies game event “BitSummit Drift.” ”Ichijou Ririka” appointed as supporting ambassador.

CCMC Corporation announced a booth of hololive production’s Derivative Work Game brand “holo Indies” at the indie games event “BitSummit Drift.” Also announcing the appointment of “Ichijou Ririka” – member of hololive production’s music artist VTuber group “ReGLOSS” – as “holo Indie supporting ambassador”

“holo Indie” joins Japan’s largest indie games event “BitSummit Drift” 

“holo Indie” will be participating at the indie gaming event“BitSummit Drift,” scheduled for 3 days from 19 to 21 July 2024, at “Miyako Messe” Kyoto Industrial Promotion Center.
At the event, “holo Indie” will set up a booth of various playable titles, while VTuber “Ichijou Ririka,” appointed as “holo Indie supporting ambassador,” will assist in boosting excitement throughout the event.

Playable Titles
・Idol Showdown
・Holo X Break
・Miko in Maguma
further unannounced titles scheduled on site

[Event Details]
Title: BitSummit Drift
Dates: 19 – 21 July 2024
Website: https://bitsummit.org/
Organizer: BitSummit Organization Committee
Cosponsor: KYOTO CMEX

ReGLOSS “Ichijou Ririka” appointed as “holo Indie” supporting ambassador

“Ichijou Ririka” – member of hololive production’s music artist VTuber group “ReGLOSS” – has been appointed as “holo Indie supporting ambassador.”As an enthusiast and member of the Indie Game division , Ririka will support “holo Indie” through upcoming events and further streams.
【インディゲーム部🎮】#holoIndie 重大発表あり✨【#一条莉々華 / #ホロライブ】

Ichijou Ririka (hololive production “ReGLOSS”)
“Whatever you need, Ichijou Ririka is success, guaranteed!”
An enterprising entrepreneur on the up-and-up. She started her company on a complete whim, but things seem to be going well so far. She has excellent people skills and is an excellent communicator, which allows her to handle transactions with foreign companies by herself. Her secret to success is a good night’s sleep. Meanwhile, she has quite the unruly side when it comes to her private life, and she can be quite lacking when it comes to chores around the home.


About holo Indie

“holo Indie” is a Derivative Work Games brand to assist hololive production fans and creators to co-develop titles under a Game Creator Support Program.  The program provides Derivative Work Game Creators a return ecosystem to support game development, while providing fans opportunity for new Derivative Work Games.

For details on the Gaming brand, please check COVER Corp’s Derivative Works Guidelines.

Derivative Works Guidelines:  https://hololivepro.com/terms/



If you have any fan-made games of "hololive production" that you would like to publish under the
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